Nov 7, 2007

New to Windows Live Messenger

New to Windows Live Messenger, you can add your messenger status icon OR really messenger window like this one:

To do so, you can do it here:

don't forget to apply "Allow everyone on the internet to see my status...".

have fun.

Oct 23, 2007

Internet Explorer 7 window.Close() problem

while working with popups, window.close() becomes necessary.

trying to use this script on Internet Explorer 7, will cause to alert.

to avoid this alert just use:'','_parent','');

Oct 19, 2007

SQL- Randomizing select records

the newid() function creates a unique value of type uniqueidentifier.

For example:
SELECT newid()


We can use this function to randomly sort records, It's simple:

SELECT * FROM tbl_name

ORDER BY newid()

Have fun.

Oct 13, 2007

Working with music?

I can't work without music, however, i won't start download music at my work..

I was looking for an online radio, but I couldn't make my own playlist..

last week, I was come up against the perfect match,


this site gives you the option to look for specific songs, create your own playlists, or use their "smart play".

Here is an Example:

free music

have a nice work :)

Oct 10, 2007

Hi Everybody!

It's my first post, and my english is far than perfect, so i'll start with sorry :)

Alright than, my blog's subject might be about programming, but i'm not so sure.

I wish I'll help, however, I can only try to...